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just an fyi.

favourite 90210 outfits

↳Adrianna Tate-Duncan

season 5


    Don’t worry, I quit years ago. 

      [ technically not a lie, but old habits die hard.
        it helped with her nerve, in a way. ]

    Yeah, I know when you’re lying, kid.

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Very funny, very funny.

[ He claps a couple of times. ]

Thank you. [ He took one. ]

    No problem.

    ( she takes one for herself—her
      fourth one for the day—and gets 
      to eating. this is usually how these things
      go and frankly, she;s used to it. )

    They’re from this great bakery a few blocks
    from here.


 [ she jumps so hard the cigarette falls from her 

   mouth and onto the pavement.

    Aw, that was my last one. 


    ( she wrinkles her nose a bit and crushes
      the cigarette with her boot. )

   Nasty habit.

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