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 indie superman rp 

                    ❝ Dreams save us. Dreams lift us up and transform us.
                        And on my soul, I swear…until my dream of a world
                        where dignity, honor and justice becomes the reality
                        we all share—I’ll never stop fighting. Ever. ❞                   
                                                                      - Action Comics #775    

✖  multi-verse; single ship per verse
✖  rp style: open to all thread types
✖  au & crossover friendly
✖  reliatively oc friendly
✖  selective follows, ploting, ect
✖  nsfw & triggering content tagged appropriately
✖  mun is of age; muse is of age
✖  verses: Superman ReturnsMan of Steel, Smallville, The New 52!,
                  Young Justice, DCnU/616 crossover, DCnCU/MCU crossover

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BATTLE HUNTRESS | Always ready to fire at incoming dangerous enemies


is she staring at him? he’s not too sure. he’d throw a glance over his shoulder to see if maybe a dancing monkey is behind him, but that’d give away the fact that thinks something’s up.

but it’s hard to ignore and then he’s wondering if she’s one of those conspiracy theory nuts and blurts out: ] 

I’m not that guy you read about on the internet. 

nice. ]


        ( she really has no idea what to say to that. nor does she have any clue as to who this guy is. he’s obviously got something to hide if he’s going to blurt crap out like that. maybe she’ll look him up later. )